Our new litter of standard schnauzer p/s was born 18.03.2018 (1 + 6)
for sale 3 females

WW'12, EUJW'11, IntCH,MultiCH
p Target Chizar
Rus CH
Tp Target Gloria Stuart



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Our "F" litter of zwergschnauzer was born 27.03.2018 (3 males)
All puppies are reserved!

Silver Rainbow Timm Thaler
IntCH, multiCH
Tp Target Afina



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Our "H" litter of zwergschnauzer was born 01.04.2018 (4 males and 2 females)
for sale 1 male

IntCH, multiCH
Welkar  Amigo Pimienta
IntCH, multiCH
Tp Target Ariadna



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Our "CH" litter of zwergschnauzer was born  26.05.2018 (2 males + 1 female)

Russian CH,BOB  ISPU'17, Club Ch
p Target Tesero Del Mondo
     Russian CH, IB, "Russia 2017"
Tp Target Fantasia

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